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Pop the question?

Do you have a question for Michael, Hannah, or any of the Hitsville characters? Send it in (using the form below) and the best/strangest/stupidest questions can win a poster and stickers.  (Especially as no one got the answers to last weeks competition - we've put the answers down below, you dum dums.)

We'll put the answers to your questions here next week.

Send your question



Q1.  What's that tune playing in the Re-Elect Mayor JW Cummings advert?  And for a bonus point, why?  The Song is The KKK Took My Baby Away. JW Cummings is the real name of Johnny Ramone

Q2.  So, where's that Next Stop Nowhere tune from? Quincy M.E.

Q3.  In Episode 3 Reverend Barry Redscare tells us what the evil message is when he plays music backwards, but which group heard that specific message first? Judas Priest


Q4.  When Michael suggests he and Hannah dances the Monkey an annoyed voice shouts 'Jerk, baby!', why is that then?  On the Autumn Records Story The Beau Brummels track The Jerk is prefaced by an in studio conversation where the producer keeps getting the track title wrong calling it The Monkey. The Brummels become increasingly frustrated yelling 'Jerk baby!' every time the producer says monkey.

Q5.  Jimmy the Weasel mentions three people he has played for; Bird is Charlie Parker, 'Trane is John Coltrane, but why is the third person he mentions famous? He is Speedy Gonzales' much much slower cousin.

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