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Season 3 Episodes 

EPISODE 1 - Come With The Groovy People

The groop have a slot lined up at the prestigeous Ultramont Festival.  But the Donnie Kirshner Kult are going to be in residence and they scare the bejesus out of Zeke!  Don't take the black acid.

This episode's special guests:

Kelley Stoltz as The Kelley Affair

The Straight Arrows as The Straight Arrows

Come With The Groovy PeopleMichael And The Angelos
00:00 / 22:58
angelos S03 E02 72dpi RGB.jpg

EPISODE 2 - The Black Acid

Zeke is far out and gone with no soothing sounds to be found around.  Patrolman Liddy's telephone is ringing but he don't wanna know, he's just dedicated to his favourite show!

This episode's special guests:

Sparky Scott

The Heads

Coughin' Vicars

The Star Spangled Banana

The Mindwinder

The Black AcidMichael And The Angelos
00:00 / 22:58
angelos S03 EO3 72dpi RGB.jpg

EPISODE 3 - Nixon County Nightmare

Its all over man!

Plastic is melting, so is chrome!

Like, lost on the highway no way home!

The end of all songs!

This episode's special guests:

Leonardo And Da Vincis

The Koolaiders

and the dreaded Fat Man

Nixon County NightmareMichael And The Angelos
00:00 / 22:58
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