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Season 2 Episodes 

S02E01 - Gong RGB.jpg

EPISODE 1 - Meet Reg The Foul Mouthed Pixie

The groop are having trouble in the studio and call on a magical friend with a potty mouth.  Hawk goes full on Lord Of The Rings which Zonker takes as a green light for some prog rocking.  And we witness the birth of punk rock as written by popular misconception (or something).

Meet Reg The Foul Mouthed PixieMichael And The Angelos
00:00 / 14:59
Loveliest Lord in the World RGB.jpg

EPISODE 2 - The Loveliest Lord In The World

So its come to this, a cheesy origins episode.  Did you know when Zonker was growing up he knew Lee Harvey Oswald?  Which of the Barbarians has a good origins story? What did Lord Rockingham do with all the money (he put it on the ponies, that's not news)?

The Loveliest Lord In The WorldMichael And The Angelos
00:00 / 14:59
S02E03 - Kaleidoscope RGB.jpg

EPISODE 3 - Egyptian Gardens

Off to Cairo for a gig (hastily arranged by Lord Rockingham after a run in with the mysterious Wilson), but of course nothing goes smoothly and the groop find themselves lost in a pyramid!  And another cartoon groop Mr Ray's Wig World provide some much needed chase music, for a fee of course.

Egyptian GardensMichael And The Angelos
00:00 / 15:00
S02E04 - B52s RGB.jpg

EPISODE 4 - Caverns Of Ramses

Now hopelessly lost in a pyramid the groop have split up to find Zeke.  But who is the spectral tour guide initiating them through the Caverns of Ramses?! Oh yeah, Michael & Zonker fall down a well and there's no Pow R Pooch to help them out - he stayed home.

Michael and the Angelos Season 2 Episode 4Michael And The Angelos
00:00 / 14:59
S02E05 - Cosmic Jokers RGB.jpg

EPISODE 5 - Flying Saucers Are Real!

With their adventures in Egypt wrapped up the groop head for home and catch up on all the latest happenings in Hitsville.  And just like the in the final episode of season 1 Zonker loses a fight.

Angelos S02E05Michael And The Angelos
00:00 / 14:59
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