In which the groop get their first mystery to solve, are pulled over by Patrolman Liddy, fail to get an Ultimate Spinach & Peanut Butter Conspiracy Sandwich and hit the top of the Hitsville charts.

Episode 1 Summer Smash (In Hitsville)Michael And The Angelos
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Episode 2 - Next Stop Nowhere

The mystery gets thicker, the groop meet their old friend the The Slider, the Revered Barry Redscare tells us which type of music is the most evil and no one gets a sandwich.

Episode 2 Next Stop NowhereMichael And The Angelos
00:00 / 15:00

Episode 3 - Hannah And The Barbarians

The groop's favourite rivals show up, things take a turn for the weird and Pow R Pooch reveals his alter ego Cozmic Dawg.  Still no sandwich.

Episode 3_ Hannah And The BarbariansMichael And The Angelos
00:00 / 15:00

Episode 4 - It's A Cave In!

The groop attend one of the Barbarians legendary 'Cave In' parties where they find out some disturbing news about the chinese mirror mystery and punk rock comes to Hitsville!  And with no sandwich in sight suddenly all the talk is of McMuffins.

Episode 4 Cave InMichael And The Angelos
00:00 / 15:00

Episode 5 - Snow Ball - Season One Finale

Christmas is finally here and as promised in Episode One (remember that?) Patrolman Liddy is throwing a Christmas dance for the young people of Hitsville, The Snowball.  We meet The Barbarians cat Spiro Agmew, Michael tries to pick a dance that isn't the Monkey (Jerk, baby!) and why is everyone saying 'stay cool go back to school'? And someone finally gets a sandwich.

Episode 5 Snow BallMichael And The Angelos
00:00 / 15:00

Next Time:

Season two of Michael And The Angelos will be airing in late summer, however due to a contractual absurdity with Psych Shakes the groop have been given a slot on KBCD.  Hopefully The Hawk will be on hand to keep things professional.


Episode 1 Summer Smash (In Hitsville)
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