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So the Hawk is all lined up for the Annual Payola Convention and he realises he hasn't arranged for anyone to cover his show.  He calls everyone he knows, but everyone he knows is a fellow disc jock and will be at the convention. With a resigned sigh he calls Michael & the Angelos, who readily agree to any chance to be on KBCD.

So for literally no cost and because there was literally no one else available it's time for the Michael & the Angelos Radio Hour.  A full 60 minutes of top pop picks presented by Mike and Zonk (cos Flip got, and then Skip wouldn't, and Zeke had to....well, you'll find out) and maybe even a couple of special guests will drop in.

Because top pop scientists warn against the dangers of too much grooviness in one dose the show has been split into two halves which can be accessed at the top and bottom of this page or on the Episodes page.

All new episodes of Michael & the Angelos will be arriving as soon as we can get back into the damn studio.