Who'da thunk it?! Officer Liddy is in a punk band -   HOG SQUAD! Check out their take on the classic Black Flag song Police Story. (click image above)

Coming this fall, Michael And The Angelos all new adventures.  Season 2 features a meeting with The Mummy, Zeke joins the Donnie Kirshners cult and an industry standard 'origins' episode. Plus all new songs and some well worn jokes.

Join our heroes the draft dodging supersonic zeros Michael And The Angelos in their zany misadventures, every episode packed with chart topping songs.*

So come on and listen in technicolor to Michael, Zonker, Zeke, Skip and Flip's musical mystery investigations, not forgetting their heavy sisters Hannah And The Barbarians, the ever suffering Patrolman Liddy, Rock Jock The Hawk and a whole host of colorful characters in Hitsville USA.

And away we go.....

*Hitsville chart only


Episode 1 Summer Smash (In Hitsville)
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